Jeffrey Augustine Used in Sham About Church, Reveals Mark Rathbun

Former confidant Mark Rathbun exposes the sham of Jeffrey Augustine being used by hosts Mike Rinder and Leah Remini as an “expert” on the Aftermath TV show.


So, since we’re going to talk about [the Church of Scientology] enrollment forms, we bring in Jeffrey Augustine, okay. First of all, the guy walks in and I’m thinking, I mis-tuned the TV and I’ve tuned in to a reality show for, you know, a convention of botched facelift victims, alright. But more importantly, Jeffrey Augustine is not an expert in anything. He’s never stepped foot in a Scientology organization. He’s never taken a Scientology service.

And yet they’re bringing him in, right. So, the guy [Mike Rinder] who says and testified under oath that he was the one who actually created these forms, they can have this guy who looks like Winchell Mahoney doll—I mean, he literally, he can barely even move his mouth anymore, right, because he’s so worried about his appearance—they’re going to have him put on an act, and literally an act, because he and Leah [Remini] start play acting together. So that [Mike] Rinder can do the bobbing head doll, confirming it all as fact, right.

You know, and she goes into the subjunctive, Leah does, about, “They would threaten you with ‘SP [Suppressive Person] declare’ if you questioned the enrollment form to take it out and have it looked at.” She’s just full of shit. There’s never any prohibition. In fact, there is every encouragement to read the entire thing, okay, always has been.

So, they have Augustine, who’s never been in a Church of Scientology, act out the role of a registrar. Of course, they’ve had Mat Pesch who claims to be the head salesman. Well, he omits that it was for a several-month period only, like 40 or 30 years ago, right. And they pull in a guy to play the role, who’s never even been a Scientologist, right, and she [Leah] play acts with him as if he’s trying to get money from her.

And she says, as they’re talking about the enrollment form, and she says again, “But we don’t know what it says because we are not allowed to read it.” Twice she’s now stated as a fact that you’re not allowed to read the routing form. It’s a complete and utter invented lie. And Mike Rinder knows it.

Augustine says, “You agree—you must agree that you are opposed to psychiatry.” And yet the subliminal, if you hit the pause button and see the actual enrollment form that they’re talking about, the subliminal, if you flip it and stop it, it actually says—the person says, “I don’t believe in or subscribe to.” It doesn’t say, “I’m opposed to it.” “I don’t believe or subscribe.” But they just reinvent by redefinition at the drop of a hat, just constantly.

And he just goes on and bloviates and doesn’t really say much of anything except parrots their line. All the while, they’re not disclosing that he has no basis for knowing anything.